CMC & Silenta feat. Terra Diamond

Supernova EP

Here it is, CMC&Silenta's new 2-track EP "Supernova"! Featuring the talented singer Terra Diamond, they created this stellar collaboration. The music is an electrifying mix of Electro Funk, Nu Disco and Glitchhop - perfect to inspire and excite you! The beats are driving and invite you to dance, while the bass lines and funky instruments create a sizzling vibe. Terra Diamond's voice adds a special touch to the tracks and won't let you go. An absolute set for all who love electronic club music!


Release date 29.09.2023



2sexy (cmc&silenta Remix)

FATCAT - eight crazy full-blooded musicians who give funk a new coat of paint. Fatcat makes people enjoy the most of the moment with their fat brass section, a deep and cool groove and singer Kenny Joyners rousing soul voice!

Now the single " 2 Sexy" has been mixed by Germany's funky breakbeat duo CMC&Silenta with an impressive, dance floor-worthy result! It is now a crafting tune that draw inspiration from hip hop and soul as well as electronic music. Funkiness at its best!


Release date 07.07.2023


CMC & Silenta

All I Know feat. Imagine This

Now here it is, the collaboration between „Imagine This“ the outstanding rap talent from New Zealand and CMC & Silenta. Funky hiphop grooves hit driving basses and varied synth sounds. a synthesis of forward thinking electronic dance music with unmistakable bouncing hiphop melodies, spiced with a dash of magnificent rap vocals. Enjoy the musical ride!



Release date 21.04.2023


CMC & Silenta

Selected Remixes

The last 11 years have been musically busy and CMC & Silenta have not only made a name for themselves with their own productions but also with their many remixes. Here are 11 selected remixes by CMC & Silenta made for artists like Five Alarm Funk, The Funk Hunters, Delhi2 Dublin, Sepalot and many more. The musical range goes from funk to funky breaks to reggae and jungle but always with the trademark electronic touch and plenty of bass.



Release date 17.02.2023


CMC & Silenta

Yeah That´s Right feat. MYSDIGGI (2022 Club Version)

This is the single of the future album "Selected Remixes". "Yeah That's Right feat. Mys Diggi" is the re-interpretation of the original song by CMC&Silente released 10 years ago.
The combination of thick basses, creaky synth steps and catchy melodies, send you straight to the dance floor. The incredible flow of MysDiggi turns this intrumental into a musical tsunami.



The Haggis Horns feat. Doc Brown

Take it Back (CMC&Silenta Remix)

UK funk/soul legends The Haggis Horns are bouncing back now with a series of remixes of tracks from their previous albums on Haggis Records.Now comes a second remix, this time via Germany's top hip-hop/breakbeat producers/remixers CMC & Silenta from Roca Records.


They've given an electro twist to the original old school hip-hop/funk track "Take It Back" from the 2017 album "One Of These Days" which featured guest UK MC Doc Brown. The original rap is still there as are the backing vocals, funk guitar licks, The Haggis Horns' legendary brass section and trombone and sax solos. They've swapped the live funk drums and bass for a four-to-the-floor funky electro boogie shuffle that will boom from club and festival speakers once we're back to dancing together again.

A nice club-friendly version of "Take It Back" that could definitely crossover from the funk/soul community into the electronic music scene with ease. It's good to have The Haggis Horns back once again releasing music and finding new followers beyond their traditional fan base. Something they've always done since day one - refused to stand still - and that's the reason that 20 years since their first gigs, they're still here and relevant. Long may it continue.


Five Alarm Funk feat. Bootsy Collins

We Play The Funk (CMC&Silenta Remix)

RELASE DATE: April 2nd 2021


5AF teamed up with funk legend Bootsy Collins for this hit. With Bootsy's unmistakable voice and bass line and Five Alarm Funk's exceptional groove and horn section, "We Play The Funk" became an homage to the genre. CMC & Silenta in their unique style used the parts of the song to produce a driving anthem.
The rhythms of the horn section are supported by unique percussion and then explode in the main part with the driving creaky bass and dry drums. The final touch is the powerful "We Play The Funk" vocal with the trademark sound of Bootsy Collins.

Hey everybody,

after slowing down the last two years, we are back with some new music for you. We have remixes from Vancouver based band Five Alarm Funk and UK funk band The Haggis Horns ready to go. Also some brand new tracks on Westwood Recordings and Roca Records soon. 


2023 will be the year we get back on track and we are looking forward to share our music with you.


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