Five Alarm Funk feat. Bootsy Collins

We Play The Funk (CMC&Silenta Remix)

RELASE DATE: April 2nd 2021


5AF teamed up with funk legend Bootsy Collins for this hit. With Bootsy's unmistakable voice and bass line and Five Alarm Funk's exceptional groove and horn section, "We Play The Funk" became an homage to the genre. CMC & Silenta in their unique style used the parts of the song to produce a driving anthem.
The rhythms of the horn section are supported by unique percussion and then explode in the main part with the driving creaky bass and dry drums. The final touch is the powerful "We Play The Funk" vocal with the trademark sound of Bootsy Collins.

Hey everybody,

after slowing down the last two years, we are back with some new music for you. We have remixes from Vancouver based band Five Alarm Funk and UK funk band The Haggis Horns ready to go. Also some brand new tracks on Westwood Recordings and Roca Records soon. 


2021 will be the year we get back on track and we are looking forward to share our music with you.